Amerykańska dostawa (mocno chińska)

Imię Nazwisko Tytuł Podtytuł Wydawca
Roger T. Ames Dao De Jing A Philosophical Translation Ballantine
Jasper Becker Rogue Regime Kim Jong Il and the Looming Threat of North Korea OXFORD
Harriet Beinfield Between Heaven and Earth A Guide to Chinese Medicine Ballantine
Roberto Bolano Secret of Evil   PICADOR
Arthur Conan Doyle Casebook of Sherlock Holmes & His Last Bow   WORDSWORTH
Confu Confucius Analects of Confucius   VINTAGE
Stephen Cope Wisdom of Yoga   Bantam
Dal Dalai Lama Joy of Living and Dying in Peace   HARPER
William Dalrymple In Xanadu A Quest VINTAGE
Marianne Davidson Harper Collins Pocket Chinese Dictionary English-Chinese, Chinese-English HARPER&ROW
Edmund de Waal Hare with Amber Eyes A Hidden Inheritance PICADOR
Don DeLilo Falling Man   PICADOR
Philip K. Dick Paycheck and other Classic Stories CITADEL
Heinrich Dumoulin Zen Enlightenment Origins and Meaning SHAMBHALA
Umberto Eco Prague Cemetery    
F.S. Fitzgerald Great Gatsby   VINTAGE
Jonathan Franzen Purity   FARRAR,STRAUS&CO
Witold Gombrowicz Possessed or The Secret of Myslotch A Gothic Novel MARION BOYARS
Jan T. Gross Fear Anti-Semitism in Poland after Auschwitz RANDOMHOUSE
Xiaolu Guo Twenty Fragments of a Ravenous Youth   Anchor
Xiaolu Guo I Am China   VINTAGE
Ernest Hemingway Green Hills of Africa   VINTAGE
Liu Heng Black Snow   GROVEPRESS
Yu Hua To Live   Anchor
Hua Huang Tsung-hsi Waiting for the Dawn A Plan for the Prince: Huang Tsung-hsi’s Ming-i tai-fang lu COLUMBIAUNIVERSITY
Yasunari Kawabata Master of Go   VINTAGE
Joseph Kertes Gratitude   THOMASDUNNEBOOKS
Stephen King Revival   SCRIBNER
Kwasi Kwarteng Ghosts of Empire Britain’s Legacies in the Modern World PUBLICAFFAIRS
H. T. Lau Chinese Chess An Introduction to China’s Ancient Game of Strategy TUTTLE
Wang Lixiong Struggle for Tibet   VERSO
John Daido Loori Cave of Tigers The Living Zen Practice of Dharma Combat SHAMBHALA
Cormac McCarthy All the Pretty Horses   PICADOR
Czeslaw Milosz History of Polish Literature   UNIVERSITYOFCALIFO
Czeslaw Milosz Native Realm A Search for Self-Definition FARRAR,STRAUS&GIR
Yukio Mishima Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea   VINTAGEBOOKS
Haruki Murakami Wind/ Pinball Two Novels HARVILLSECKER
Vladimir Nabokov Annotated Lolita Revised and Updated. Edited with Preface , Introduction , and Notes by Alfred Appel, Jr. VINTAGEBOOKS
Lynne Olson Question of Honor The Kosciuszko Squadron Forgotten Heroes of World War II VINTAGE
Chuck Palahniuk Beautiful You   JONATHANCAPE
Chuck Palahniuk Tell-All   Anchor
Orhan Pamuk White Castle   VINTAGEBOOKS
Orhan Pamuk Istanbul Memories of a City VINTAGE
Thomas Pynchon Inherent Vice   PENGUIN
Slavomir Rawicz Long Walk   Lyons
Rick Riordan Heroes of Olympus. The Blood of Olympus   PUFFIN
Philip Roth Prague Orgy   VINTAGE
Philip Roth Zuckerman Unbound   VINTAGE
Jean-Paul Sartre Essays in Existentialism   CITADEL
Jean-Paul Sartre Being and Nothingness A Phenomenological Essay on Onthology CITADEL
Gertrude Stein Selected Writings of Gertrude Stein   VINTAGEBOOKS
Lynn Suh Widma A Journal of American and Polish Verse. 2014 Autumn Vol.1 No. 1 Massolit Books
Lynn Suh Widma Widma: A Journal of American and Polish Verse (20167 Vol.3 No.1) Massolit Books
Lynn Suh Widma Widma: A Journal of American and Polish Verse (2016 Summer, Vol.2 No.2) Massolit Books
Junichiro Tanizaki Some Prefer Nettles   VINTAGE
Robert Thurman Why the Dalai Lama Matters His Act of Truth as the Solution for China, Tibet, and the World Atria
Hugh Tinker South Asia A Short History / Second Edition UNIVERSITYOFHAWAI’
Sun Tzu The Art of War/The Book of Lord Shang   WORDSWORTH
Miklos Vamos Book of Fathers   OTHERPRESS
Jack Weatherford Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World   Broadway
P.G. Wodehouse Blandings   Arrow
Virginia Woolf Mrs Dalloway   VINTAGE